Today I am packing out my office. I am moving a week from Friday (5/26) from this Bank owned operations building to another building (owned by ING) about a block away. It is an EZ walk through the skyway ... no need to even go outside unless the weather is great and you want to.

So far I have packed 3 1/2 boxes. Also have given away:

  1. A Canon inkjet printer to Erica

  2. MVS JCL book to Don

  3. 4 or 5 books (Assembler programming ... will never do that again!, Dreamweaver) to Mike

  4. Linux PC (Thinkpad): going to Mike

    • This was my little project a year ago. What fun! Rescued an old T21 with 256 MB

    • Put Suse Linux 9.2 on it

    • Bought a port replicator used on Ebay

    • Rescued a monitor ready for the dump

    • Bought a new mouse and keyboard

    • And I had a super little system

  5. Gave away a scanner (USB) to Mike

Still need to pack out three desk drawers and two cabinet drawers.

Today cross trained Bill on a function that I hated doing and I will no longer have to do in the new job.

Coming up:

  • Friday met Jim ... my new boss's Tom's manager.

  • I am working this weekend, overnight on Saturday at our Spring BCP event

I'm ready for the new job!

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