Move Day

When I arrived at the NOC, all my boxes, PC gear (except laptop that was locked up), and phone were gone.

So over to 100 Washington:

  • All there .. unpacking begins
  • Neither data port was enabled ... no connection to the network!
  • Phone does not work either ... but Qwest arrives by 8:30 and phone is enabled
  • Data ports another issue:

    1. Turns network enabled the wrong ports ... say I must have given them the wrong jack info ...
    2. I've saved that email ... and I gave them the right jack!
    3. Networks says their guy is out today and it won't be done until Monday .. .
    4. I say ... page him and get him in here ... they've had 2 weeks notice!
    5. They have it resolved by 10:30 and I am in business

  • Kathee joins me for lunch
  • I met three other team members on Tom's team
  • All unpacked and organized by 1:15

Tuesday need to image the new Thinkpad .. Tom is going to show me how!

Three day weekend ahead. Invited John E. and his new wife to church at 4th on Sunday. We will take them out to dinner afterwards.

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