More on new job

I met with Tom B yesterday for an hour and a half and we mapped out our June objectives. Also handled other transition issues.

  • Will be getting a new laptop running Windows Vista. We have a relationship with Microsoft where we receive beta (pre release) versions of operating systems to experience.

  • Start date will be Tuesday May 30th

  • I will be getting a manager's cube (not actually a cube but a rectangle!). Will have a seating area with a table and a couple of chairs. A nice little perk

Today I began to make arrangements about closing down current responsibilities and transferring what I now do to other workers. I realized that there are some things I am doing that I really hate doing and won't miss.

  • I have and old Thinkpad that I put Suse Linux on last year. This will be dismantled and basically be parted out.

  • I have a brand new digital recorder that I am giving to Barbara. I had coffee with her today and got a nice hug.

  • T and M team to Mark O.

  • Production readiness to Bill T

Tonight Kathee and I left work late and didn't get home until 6:20. She had a church meeting and I went to dinner with Dennis.

Rachel finished her Junior year of college. Straight A's for three years. I would like to say she gets her brains from Dad but the reality is that it comes from Kathee.


  • Roger has reserves for three days at Camp Ripley

  • K. and I have the day off

Time for bed!

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