Some people want an IPhone

iPhone 5, Dividend Payout Will Keep Investors Buying Apple

Apple (AAPL) is testing April highs today on news that the soon-to-be-released next generation iPhone is driving down prices of the iPhone 4S at several national retailers. Investors, however, have not been scared off by the high share price and are buying in anyway, so Breakout welcomed Brian Sozzi, chief equities analyst at NBG Productions, and asked if there is anything that will frighten them out of the stock.

"I can see a world where you can just continue to buy the stock," says Sozzi, "because you got that dividend check. You're gonna want to go buy more Apple in front of key product launches. The stock could just continue to go higher."

Breakout's Jeff Macke argues that there was nothing wrong with what Apple was doing pre-dividend and "for the first time in their life they actually need cash to develop new product, and they're giving it to me" instead.
Comment: Saturday Kathee asked me what I wanted for my birthday ... I said 1 share of AAPL. I'm happy with the dumb simple one function (make and receive calls) phone that my company has provided me. When I retire, I'm going to have a dumb phone. I don't want to pay for the Smartphone dataplan. I don't need to be that connected.


  1. AAPL can go hIgher. I own five shares that I bought several years ago at $160. Glad I am holding them and waiting for the right time to sell.

  2. Well as you can see I paid $ 629 for 1. I've wanted to buy Apple for some time but delayed.

  3. 1/7/12 (AAPL = $ 523.90). I guess I'm glad I only have 1 share because I paid $ 629.24 on 8/13/12:

    Here’s The Exact Moment (And Reason) Apple Investors Panicked

    Apple (AAPL) is down again today. Apple's been down a lot lately, as you may have heard.
    Since it closed above $700 in September, the stock has fallen and can't break out of the $520 range (give or take a few dollars).
    What changed at the end of September for Apple that has investors scared?
    We, like many others, have thrown out a half dozen different ideas. But, this one from Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes seems to make the most sense. In a note today, he writes the following:
    We believe that web services are the next real battleground for Apple and the key for shareholder confidence. One could argue that shares hit an inflection point to the downside when investors realized that the Apple Maps endeavour was a mistake. The maps debacle showed investors how valuable’s Google technology was – how hard it was to replicate – and how Apple may struggle as the world moves beyond iTunes toward cloud-based services.
    In non-analyst speak, what he said was Apple's shares got hammered when the severity of the Apple Maps debacle became apparent. And, from a timing perspective, this makes a lot of sense.
    Apple released the iPhone 5 on September 21, which was when Apple's stock was peaking. That day the problem with Apple's Maps — which were on the iPhone 5 by default — became a mainstream story. A week later, Tim Cook apologized for Apple's awful maps.
    The failure in maps exposed the first truly massive hold in Apple's business. A company that was largely flawless finally had a material flaw. And that flaw gave way to the realization that Apple needs to improve its data and services business.
    Since then, we're seen numerous stories talking about how Google is taking over Apple's platform. We've seen a lot of stories about how Apple's software is weaker than third-party software. We've also read about how Dropbox is key to making iOS work.


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