Jack Schaap and the "What Else?" at the Forest Preserve District of Cook County

FBI says it's looking into Indiana pastor's relationship with teen

The FBI confirmed Friday that it is investigating whether the former pastor of an Indiana megachurch broke any laws during a relationship with a now-17-year-old girl that led to his ouster from First Baptist Church in Hammond. ...

"There is an allegation we're trying to prove or disprove that the pastor crossed state lines and engaged in an improper sexual relationship with an underage female," said Robert Ramsey, spokesman for the FBI's office in Merrillville, Ind.

Ramsey said that, under federal law, being underage is defined as someone under 18. The age of consent differs from one state to another.

The teen recently turned 17, around the time that she and the pastor allegedly met at different locations, including over the state border at a Cook County forest preserve, Wilson said.
Comment: Ok I'm angry. I'm angry because I am a Baptist and the First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana continues to be an embarrassment. As an aside another Baptist church that is an embarrassment is Westboro Baptist.

How is First Baptist Church of Hammond an embarrassment? Answered: Isolated Incidents (Completely Unrelated To All The Others Just Like It) I posted this elsewhere first but repeating on my own blog:

Reforms needed at First Baptist Church in Hammond
  • Tear down that ridiculous statue! Penn State saw that to change their Culture that the Paterno statue had to go. Take down all Hyles' portraits too!
  • Turn Hyles' house (moved there from Tx) from a museum into a utility shed!
  • Drop the name "Hyles" from the Bible college
  • Purge the organization of all Hyles' descendants (Schaap's kids who serve on staff. Give them their notice (be fair about it) and give 'em 1 year to move on.) Assure that the Hyles' Schaap dynasty ends.
  • Purge bookstore of all Hyles' and Schaap's books. They're worthless anyway! Teach the errors of Hyles'. Use the Biblical evangelist material as a starting point. Voyle A. Glover's Fundamental Seduction: The Jack Hyles Case should be required reading for students. Get it for your bookstore.
  • Frankly probably most of the pastoral staff needs to go when the new guy comes. It's a joke that your have an annual pastor's school. Look at your last two pastors! What do you have to give to another? Cancel it for a decade until you clean up your act.
  • Call your new Pastor from outside the Hyles-Anderson orbit.
  • Seek accreditation for H/A. Start with TRACS ... you probably won't make it without serious reforms. Then move up to regional accreditation (it may take you 2 decades to get there!)


  1. A little math. Jack Schaap is 54 ... the girl 17. 3 X 17 = 51.


    I predict that if Jack is not convicted of a crime that he will be a pastor again somewhere! That's the way it works in that circle. They recycle!

  2. Hope you're wrong, but I have a hunch......

    At any rate, I think that the primary problem the church faces is that they've taught the members what to think about the Bible instead of how to understand it. With the incredible following they have--nobody gets the creeps with a picture of Hyles around every corner?, and Schaap pulls them away from KJVO simply by saying "it's not so" in the pulpit?--it does not surprise me that Schaak apparently used the church's theology of current union with Christ (instead of coming union with Christ in Heaven) to violate that girl.

    Like about a dozen other Hyles-Anderson graduates. Yikes. The deacons seriously need to break the culture of simply following the pastor no matter what, and it may end up with that church being turned into a shopping center after a while.

  3. This is ridiculous!!! A 54 year old man has sex with a 16 year old and has not been arrested and continues to be allowed to hide out??? Probably in a big mansion somewhere the church foke build for him their God!! I'm sick of these fbc pastors who self appoint themselves esteemed higher then everyone get away with THEIR SIN!!!!! Watch the supposed meeting the church had wed,look on their website to announce their pastor had sex with a minor.. it was more a meeting of damage control and keep our empire intact, and please keep your teens comin here cuz we need yur (money) oops I mean tithe,and we promise minors are safe here,but were gonna support our pervert Pastor...

  4. I'd submit that the age difference really doesn't make any more of a point than the fact that this was a pastor counseling a teen.

    Jim, were you at 4th in the 1995-96 timeframe? How would you compare First Baptist Hammond's handling of their current issue with the one 4th dealt with then with Lloyd Pickering? I ask not to make unjust comparisons or associate the two organizations whatsoever - but simply because it was a classmate of mine that he ran off with. For those of us who didn't attend church at 4th, it was never addressed. I have always wondered how the church handled that mess.

    1. I was there.

      I was a classmate of Kelly's as well.

      It was never addressed - swept under the rug.
      So much of what happened at the institute was hidden; much of it's congregation and clergy willing and silent accomplices.

    2. That's too bad, but pretty much what I thought.

    3. Pickering's PhD thesis.


      He's apparently a professor in Mississippi. Given the allegations, it's interesting what PhD thesis he chose, and at least he's not a pastor at this point.

    4. So...what did happen w/ Lloyd Pickering? I was also at Fourth Baptist at the time and we were told not to speak about it. He was just suddenly gone. Tell the truth & shame the devil! jalapenoonmyhands@gmail.com

  5. Tobin ... I heard about it but don't know much about it

  6. More to Tobin's point. I think it unwise to have Father/Son on the same pastoral staff. What does it say about the son ... "can't get his own job?!", "favoritism", "nepotism". etc

  7. One of the best

    Convicting: "10. Men shouldn't let our eyes rest anywhere our hands shouldn't."

    Jim, you would rest your hands on her face???

  8. I think you responded to the wrong post

    Right one here

    Your point is that Phillips’ Axioms don't always hold true.

    Ok ... I would look at her face.

    But I think we all know about our lusts and the need to control them by the power of God.

    Thanks for commenting

  9. Please...what did Lloyd Pickering do and w/ whom? I was at the school at that time and never knew what happened. We were told NOT to talk about it. I KNEW it was along these lines. Please...enlighten me!


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