10 things the post office won’t tell you

10 things the post office won’t tell you
  1. Your failure to send your Mother a proper birthday card is the least of our problems.
  2. Our retirees are just fine, thanks
  3. Anybody want to buy an ailing government agency?
  4. We’re hiring our competitors to do our jobs for us
  5. We’re addicted to junk mail
  6. Next thing you know, we’ll be asking you to trust us with your money.
  7. We’re sitting on a national treasure...
  8. ...And we’ll sell you a piece of it.
  9. We’re a hotbed for crime
  10. Our greatest strength is supernatural
Comment: Image: 1912 Motorcycle Postman. Did you know (I learned this in our recent study of Ezra and Esther) that the first credible claim for the development of a real postal system comes from Ancient Persia. Every bullet point in the above article is interesting.

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