Disconnect: Lolo is Christian, a virgin and naked

Sex and the Single Olympian: Lolo Jones Talks about Her Virginity

Comment: I won't point readers the photo but it was the 2009 ESPN Body issue. And she wonders why people criticize her!

It's like opening a candy bar in public and saying "you can't have it"


  1. "It's like opening a candy bar in public and saying 'you can't have it.'"

    Well, that's only a little bit objectifying...

  2. Mounty, not objectifying at all--it's simply (see Leviticus 18 in a good word for word translation) that uncovering one's nakedness is understood in most cultures as a prelude to enjoying the nakedness of that person--i.e. fornication. This fact is, after all, why the pictures are so popular, no?

    That said, my take on Miss Jones' actions is that with what women in track and field are wearing these days, they might as well do this. It's not like the outfits leave much to the imagination.

    (and count this as something of a personal pain to me--having run track and cross country as a youth, and even in college, I'd love to give my kids the chance, but not in an outfit that's effectively a bikini)


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