Our First LED lamp

Batteries Plus is now carrying a wide assortment of lamps. We picked up one of the above for our string of hall lights in recessed "cans". From Zenaro.

 I am going to try to as much as possible eliminate incandescents if the price point makes sense. We have three areas of our house where one switch will turn on a bank of lights: the kitchen (now all CFLs), the hallway string (1 incandescent, 4 CFLs, and 1 LED), and the lower level family room (now all incandescents).

 The LED above only burns 10 watts. Pricy but could be a saver in the long run.


  1. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the LED lamp. I'm eagerly waiting for them to come down in price!

  2. For 10 watts .. it is plenty bright! Because I don't change light bulbs (avoid the ladder!) I want something that lasts

  3. Using the led light must have surely given you good productivity..

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