Do you tithe?

Should We Tithe? A Biblical Analysis of Tithing


You might find it interesting to know that Jesus, nor Paul, nor any of the New Testament writers ever commanded the church to tithe. In fact the only time tithing is ever mentioned in the New Testament is in the context of Israel, or in dealing with the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. Just as a reminder, the Pharisees were still practicing Judaism. So, if the bible doesn’t command Christians to tithe, what does it tell us to do with our money? I’m glad you asked. Why do Some Say That Tithing is for Today? Some people believe that tithing is still a command for the church today. Let me say first of all that giving ten percent of your income to your church is by no means a bad thing (in fact most Christians don’t even do that!).
Comment: The legal tithe was more like 23% (source):
  1. An annual tithe for the support of the Levites, the tabernacle/temple workers (Lev 27:30-33; Num 18:21-24). This was the only visible means of support for them, since they inherited no land when Canaan was conquered under Joshua. The Levites, in turn, passed along a tithe of this tithe to the priests, the highest echelon of worship leaders (Num 18:26).
  2. An annual feast tithe, which apparently went for the support of the house of God and its services (Deut 14:22-27).
  3. A "social ministry" tithe, received every third year, for helping the poor and needy (Deut 14:28; 26:12).
I have literally never heard a Baptist Pastor explain tithing. I've heard quite a bit of guilting from the pulpit (goes like this: "I don't know how much you give but the typical protestant only gives 2%. How much does God love you? (John 3:16). And how much do you love God?" et cetera). For the first half dozen years of my 16 years of pastoring I would have an annual "stewardship" Sunday and encourage people to tithe. One year I got alone in the Denver Seminary library and studied it out. I never again told people to tithe. Often when I say that I don't believe in tithing the listener will conclude that Jim is a miserly tight wad and cheap with giving. It provokes an emotional response. But the truth is, those who give 10% are really not tithing at all.


  1. Yeah, it's interesting that something that is taught as truth/fact across many denominations isn't actually there. Not only have I never heard tithing explained, it's also left me confused what priority I *should* place on giving financially to my church. For a long time I felt guilty about some of our charitable giving going to missions instead of our local church, but not any longer.

  2. Here's an example of a pro-tithing article. I know the guy and the article is well done but it does not address the tithing verses in my post above.

    Baptists on Tithing

  3. Catholic church teaching on tithing: “Try me in this!” says the Lord. The Biblical teaching on Tithing.

    Most Baptist pastors could take this message outline and preach it in their church. Israel =/= the church? No matter ... force the point!


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