Roland Martin: Saving marriages must be a national priority

Commentary: Saving marriages must be a national priority


Various studies show that at least half of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce, and if you remarry, those figures grow exponentially. For some reason, Americans are either getting married for the wrong reasons or are not making the effort to spend more time working on their marriages to save them, and instead, run to divorce court at the first sign of trouble.
I strongly believe that for too many of us, we've accepted the notion that marriage will be perfect; that we won't endure trials and tribulations. But that isn't true. In fact, where is that ever true than in someone's fantasy life? What's amazing to me is that when faced with difficulty on the job, so many of us will buckle down and work harder to prove ourselves worthy to keep that job. But at home, we'd rather leave, even if that means putting our kids through a divorce.
Maybe your idea of marriage is "I-my" and it should be "we-us-our." Maybe you see your spouse as more of a roommate, co-habitating in a space where you pay half the bills and he or she pays the other half.

America wasn't just built on the idea of strong ideals. It was also constructed on the back of strong families. But today, these families are being splintered and broken up for a variety of reasons, including our selfishness and unwillingness to confront our problems and to compromise.

Is it you I'm speaking to? Are you in the position where your marriage is crumbling before your very eyes? If so, take action today. Don't let divorce end it all. Remember, your trial today could eventually be your testimony tomorrow.

Comment: Good commentary. Kathee and I benefit from coming from families where our parents were married "until death do us part" and for 50+ years. But even for us, marriage has it's struggles. Only by dedication to the Lord, may Christian couples have strong marriage. Wife verses in Proverbs!

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