Giving blood

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What a glamorous photo ... tongue hanging out (my reaction to being stuck and just starting the donation). Tanya is the clinician.

Memorial Blood Centers

Saturday happenings:

  1. Met a friend for coffee. He gave me some instruction on the Regulative Principle vs. the Normative Principle.
  2. I gave blood at noon. In contrast with my blood donation bust of August 10th, this went well. Once the blood started pumping to the full pint only took a little more than 4 minutes.
  3. I only mowed the front and sides of my house and Mrs. F's as the back yards are too wet
  4. Brother came by and we played pool (Nine Ball). Roger was up 5 games to none. I brought it up to 5-4. then 6-4, then 6-5, before he beat me 7 games to 5. He beat me last week too!
  5. Kathee made chili tonight and Roger and Rachel were with us for dinner. We had coffee afterwards and then played Scrabble until 9 p.m.
  6. Now watching the Cincinnati - Rutgers game

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