AutoMailer - 1st try


I tried AutoMailer today for the first time for production.

I had to email about 200 workstation users.

Here are the steps:

  1. Sendto file: Prepare a .txt file (or .csv) with a list of email addresses. (I imported the list into Microsoft Access and then did a "SQL DISTINCT" command to eliminate duplicates). I added myself at the head as a confirmation step that the emails were sent
  2. Message file: Prepare a message file. This can either be .txt or .html. I chose the html option and included a cascading style sheet in the <HEAD>. I also had an embedded image using a fully qualified link (instead of a relative link) in a <img> tag.
  3. Automailer works separately from Outlook! I appreciate this!
  4. When Automailer is invoked, the user is prompted for the mail server and the "from" address. I have a second impersonal email address so that it does not appear to be sent from Jim Peet.
  5. And then the SEND. The send was processed in 22 seconds.
  6. A log file is created. Successes and failures are noted. My job was 100% successful (keep in mind these are email addresses internal to my company so no issues with invalid email addresses this time). The log file is a .txt file that can be saved (for project tracking purposes).

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