Andrew Small awarded Silver Star

Fallen Wiscasset Hero Awarded Silver Star


From the narrative: “PFC Small was located as the sixth man in movement in an extremely tight trail. During the initial fire, he and the rest of the squad were pinned down by accurate small arms fire. The only cover available was to hug the side of the mountain, which did not allow his squad to return fire. His team leader, Sgt. Smallwood, was then hit by an RPG, which seriously wounded him and left him exposed to enemy fire. PFC Small exposed himself and laid down suppressive fire against the well-fortified enemy position. By doing this, he drew fire to his own position, but he refused to seek cover. The action allowed his team leader to drag himself over a cliff to cover. At this time, the enemy launched another barrage of rocket propelled grenades into PCF Small’s position. This volley severely injured two soldiers who later succumbed to their wounds and struck PFC Small in the back by shrapnel. Even though PFC Small was wounded he got back up and continued to lay down suppressive fire, refusing to seek cover or medical aid until he was able to facilitate the maneuver of his squad out of the kill zone. PFC Small continued to engage and be engaged by the enemy who outnumbered him by seven to one. This allowed the rest of the platoon and close air support to suppress and kill the enemy.

Comment: Andrew Small was the nephew of a co-worker. Earier CFG posting on Andrew Small

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