First day of work: Feb. 1, 1944

Retiring Wells Fargo worker puts six decades of service in the bank


Stop the stage coach!

Esther Loewen is retiring.

The woman who has been employed with Wells Fargo for more than 62 years will work her last day at the financial institution Oct. 31.

"I feel so good, I could work another 10 years," Loewen, 82, said. "But at this age, you start to wonder, 'How much longer can I be this lucky?'"

Loewen is a trust officer who works in downtown Salem at Wells Fargo's main office. She has been with the company for more than six decades, surviving two mergers and countless technological advances, including the advent of the computer.

Loewen started Feb. 1, 1944, and has worked there continuously except for an 18-month period. She accepted an early retirement offer in 1994 after 50 years with the company, but returned in 1996 for a temporary assignment as a contract employee. It wasn't too long after that the company rehired her.

She began as a typist and later worked as a bookkeeper, check processor, personal banker and teller before joining the trust department as an administrative assistant. She became a trust officer in 1986.

Comment: I post this for several reasons: 1.) I work for Wells Fargo; 2.) I think it is remarkable that a woman would work this many years! The "Highlights of 1944" (side-bar) are interesting. Also the various bank names for whom Esther worked.

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