3rd District will be a competitive district ($$$$ !!)

Republicans ask Ramstad to stay, but he says no


Political observers note that while Ramstad's third congressional district in the Twin Cities' western suburbs has historically leaned Republican, a Ramstad decision to postpone his retirement could save the cash-strapped GOP campaign committee as much as $1 million to defend the seat, a factor that could be huge in a tough presidential election year.

"With Jim Ramstad out of the race, it will be a competitive district, and probably a seven-figure race on each side," said former Minnesota Congressman Vin Weber, a prominent GOP strategist and lobbyist in Washington. "With Jim in it, it's a put-down hand for the Republicans."
Rep. Terri Bonoff, DFL-Minnetonka, is the leading DFL candidate, although Edina Mayor John Hovland, a moderate Republican who recently switched parties, said he is considering a run as a DFLer.


But Paulsen or any other Republican is likely in for a tough fight, one that many observers say the Republicans can ill afford. "It's a pitched battle," Schier said. "And with Jim, there's no pitched battle. So I'm sure they [party leaders] are putting a lot of effort into changing his mind.

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Comment: I predict a tight, competitive race. It will be interesting to watch and participate in!

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