Angels - their state

Gustave Dore, "The Three Visitors", Genesis 18:1-14

As to the state of the angels, it is clearly taught that they were all originally holy. It is also plainly to be inferred from the statements of the Bible that they were subjected to a period of probation, and that some kept and some did not keep their first estate. Those who maintained their integrity are represented as confirmed in a state of holiness and glory. This condition, although one of complete security, is one of perfect liberty; for the most absolute freedom in action is, according to the Bible, consistent with absolute certainty as to the character of that action. These holy angels are evidently not all of the same rank. This appears from the terms by which they are designated; terms which imply diversity of order and authority. Some are princes, others potentates, others rulers of the world. Beyond this the Scriptures reveal nothing, and the speculations of schoolmen and theologians as to the hierarchy of the angelic hosts, have neither authority nor value.

Hodge v 1 p. 639

  1. Day 4 of a cold. It started Friday night after dinner. I missed church on Sunday and really was low all day. I stayed home from work yesterday. Today back to work and wish I would have stayed home.
  2. We are taking tomorrow off to celebrate Kathee's birthday
  3. Tomorrow is decision day for Allstate (insurance adjuster) and Westurn roofing. I know I have hail damage but will Allstate pay a claim for a new roof? Or less? I know my posture: if less than a replacement I am going to appeal. Stay tuned.
  4. Work: my desktop upgrade job finally passed UAT (user acceptance testing) for my major business partner. Another major group has a different upgrade job and that is still in UAT.
  5. Kathee's brother is too arrive back from Florida today or tomorrow. We may see them tomorrow.
  6. Good Wells Fargo news: Several U.S. regional banks reported weak earnings on Tuesday amid struggles with interest-rate pressures and rising loan losses, including those from mortgages. Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC - News), the fifth-largest U.S. bank, bucked the trend, boosting profit 11 percent despite its large exposure.

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