If the jeans don't fit ... blame it on the genes!

'Fat' gene found by scientists


A gene that contributes to obesity has been identified for the first time, promising to explain why some people easily put on weight while others with similar lifestyles stay slim.

People who inherit one version of the gene rather than another are 70 per cent more likely to be obese, British scientists have discovered. One in six people has the most vulnerable genetic make-up and weighs an average 3kg more than those with the lowest risk. They also have 15 per cent more body fat.

Comments (sarcasm alert!):

  1. Where did they find that really disgusting picture? Did someone pose for this? What a weird camera angle! (if you want to get grossed out ... Google "obese people" on Google images!) I spared you!

  2. Here's another question: when they show obese people (normally either their huge bellies or back ends) on TV (like whenever the news reports on obesity), do these people need to sign a "release form"? ... Do they receive royalties?

  3. I ask because perhaps I can sign on for this and have my picture taken and receive royalty checks for life! This by the way is shorter for the obese!

  4. For me, I blame it on my upbringing, my Mother (who obviously overfed me ... if you could only see my baby pictures!), my wife, my children (who have brought so much stress into my life!), my boss (stress again!), and now my jeans (which are too tight) ... er my genes which are defective!


  1. I don't think your children bring any stress to your life... they seem like really wonderful children from everything I have read in your blog. You are a very lucky person to have these children, especially that wonderful daughter you have.

  2. I suspect that "anonymous" might be that wonderful daughter of mine!

    Love you! Dad!


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