The Imus lynch party

Pat Buchanan: The Imus lynch party

Comment (for the record):

  1. I do think that Imus should have been fired because ...
  2. If I used language at work like he used on the air, I would be fired in less than an hour ... and
  3. I felt it robbed the Rutgers women's basketball women some of the honor due them, and the dignity that every person should be afforded.
  4. It is also obvious that there is a lot of hypocrisy in the way filthy talk is regarded in our culture. Imus did not get a pass (and he should not have) but others do (detailed Buchanan's commentary).
  5. I hope all read!


While the remarks of Imus and Bernie about the Rutgers women were indefensible, they were more unthinking and stupid than vicious and malicious. But malice is the right word to describe the howls for their show to be canceled and them to be driven from the airwaves – by phonies who endlessly prattle about the First Amendment.

The hypocrisy here was too thick to cut with a chainsaw.

What was the term the I-Man used? It was "hos," slang for whores, a term employed ad infinitum et ad nauseam by rap and hip-hop "artists." It is a term out of the African-American community. Yet, if any of a hundred rap singers has lost his contract or been driven from the airwaves for using it, maybe someone can tell me about it.

If the word "hos" is a filthy insult to decent black women, and it is, why are hip-hop artists and rap singers who use it incessantly not pariahs in the black community? Why would black politicians hobnob with them? Why are there no boycotts of the advertisers of the radio stations that play their degrading music?

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