Elizabeth's "scary" neighbor

Elizabeth gripes; neighbor is famous


But apparently, you're nobody until Elizabeth Edwards dislikes you.

The Orange County Republicans sent out a release denouncing Edwards' remarks. Newspapers from as far as Ireland have picked up the story. On Tuesday, "Inside Edition" sent a film crew to his single-wide trailer in rural Orange County that sits near the Edwards' $6 million, 29,000-square-foot estate.

Johnson didn't rebut Edwards' comments. He's a proud member of the Grand Old Party and owns a 9 mm handgun he said he's not afraid to use.

What got his goat, he says, was Edwards' calling his 42-acre property "slummy."

Comment: Monty looks like a "good old boy" ... as a matter of fact not a lot different than me! (I have him by 2 years ... but he owns 42 acres next to Elizabeth Edwards)


  1. I think that I would move.....If I were Rudy that is.

  2. Sorry...Monty. got to get better glasses.


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