Blaming Charlton Heston

Who's fault is it?

  1. "lax" gun laws?
  2. Lax security?
  3. N.R.A.?
  4. Foreign student?
  5. The administration did not lock down the campus?

We can wonder away about the Virginia Tech tragedy! But the answer lies in the wickedness of man and the age-old "problem of evil". The posting title - "Blaming Charlton Heston" - comes from this Blaming Charlton Heston.


In the strongest editorialized image of the day, German cable news broadcaster NTV flashed an image of the former head of the National Rifle Association, the US gun lobby: In other words, blame rifle-wielding Charlton Heston for the 33 dead.


If we had more of that "Charlton Heston" of The Ten Commandments - by this I mean real values-based education, students would have a higher regard for human life!

For a thoughtful, contrarian view on the gun control debate: How to prevent next massacre.

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  1. Good on you! It couldn't be the fault of the crazed gunman. Instead its the fault of the crazy gun toting republicans.


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