Upgrade activity

My major project between now and October 30th is to get 40,000 workstations updated to our current XP SP2.

My biggest "customer" has 21,000 systems. They have a project manager for this activity. It's going slow because of bandwidth issues at small sites.

Customer # 2 has 8000 systems and has not bought into it yet. Still piloting.

Customer # 3 has 6000 systems and it is going well!

From there down the customers are smaller and it is difficult to identify the correct business contact.

This week I got two smaller ones going. One is 750 systems. I had two information sessions for this group. Only 10 attended. I published a communication for this group and set up the change requests. And I posted info for this group on a website.

The group I set up today has 1100 systems needing upgrade. I sent emails out to all with a communication and website updates. I used CFMAIL for the emails and had issues.

The server would "time out" at about 32 emails. Since I copy myself I knew that it stopped at 32. I modified my code so that with ever email (table row) that is successfully sent and mail flag is set to "1". Enabled me to restart whenever I needed. It still took me about 30 cycles to get all sent.

Diskeeper deployment starts next week and goes through 10/13. The two largest customers have not signed on yet.

Kathee is at a wedding tonight. 3 days off ahead.

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