Exploding Diet Pepsi Bottle

I went down to the ING cafeteria on the 4th floor. Since I walk with two crutches picking up things (while I am standing) is a bit of a challenge. But I picked up (holding the bottle cap tightly between my thumb and index finger while gripping my left crutch) a 16 oz plastic (I'm glad it was plastic!) bottle of diet Pepsi.

In the checkout line, it slipped from my hand and landed on the bottle bottom on the tile. The bottle exploded open from the top spraying my pants, crutches, shirt, face and glasses.

It definitely was not a pleasant experience. I cleaned up the best I could in the rest room but still feel sticky. I can't wait to get home and shower (and also clean off my my crutches which are still sticky).

Kathee just emailed me to say she will be late ... so I will be sticky for an extra hour.

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