Minor Accident

My nephew Chris flew in from Dallas today and Rachel picked him up at the airport. On the way back to the house, Rachel's Saturn was hit from behind by a Ford Taurus on US Hwy 169 in Minnetonka.

If (really when!) you are in an accident, make sure you get the correct information. The back of one's insurance card has a list:

  1. Driver's name and address
  2. Auto owner's name and address
  3. Auto owner's insurance policy
  4. License plate number
  5. Driver's driver's license number
  6. Phone #'s, etc

Our situation today. Our rear bumper (2004 Saturn) is damaged (I'm guessing will have to be replaced!). The car at fault (our car was rear ended) is insured by Geico.

When I call Geico today they informed me that "there was a problem with the insurance" but the Geico claims agent would not elaborate. What this means, I do not know but I fear that I may have to pay the repair costs myself. I should know more this week.

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