Saturday ... rest and errands

I was really ready for this weekend

  1. Kathee and I slept in until 8
  2. Kathee's special buckwheat pancakes w lingonberries
  3. We read the Star Tribune over coffee. I also read the Thursday USA Today which arrived one day late and which I did not read yesterday
  4. To the Mall to get a new battery in my watch. I bought a lifetime watch replacement program about 7 years ago and used it again today. I looked at new watches but did not buy!
  5. Kathee got gas for the mower and filled up the John Deere for me. I mowed our yard and Mrs. Finke's
  6. We saw a doe and 2 fawn in our yard today. First time in 10 years that we have seen this
  7. Roger at USMC reserves and we will not see him until tomorrow night
  8. Tonight we plan to watch Then End of the Spear
  9. Tomorrow ... church at 4th Baptist

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