Minneapolis Site-Seeing

Kathee made breakfast for 8: My family (Roger, Rachel, Nathan, me, and herself), Chris, and Kathy and Roger.

What: Pancakes, juice, coffee, lingonberries. Kathee ran out of buckwheat mix and made a second batch from scratch.

Rachel and I went by the Plymouth police department to pick up the accident report form. I tried again to call the woman who hit our car but her cell phone does not work. I asked the police if it was a crime to not have insurance and he said it is a misdemeanor. If it turns out that their insurance has lapsed and that Geico will not pay, I am resolved to make sure charges are filed.

Kathee made a light lunch of fruit and cheese. Afterwards we:

  1. Mill City Museum
  2. The Guthrie

My legs were tired so Kathee and I returned home. Roger, Chris, Rachel, and Nathan are still site-seeing.

Kathee is making Cincinnati Chili and we are expecting all back to the house at 6 (including Brother).

Tomorrow: Church at 4th. We should have a full pew: Rachel, Chris (nephew), Kristy (Rachel's roommate), Kathee, Roger, and me!

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