PCMag Review: OpenDNS


To use OpenDNS, you sign up for the service online, then make some changes to your router settings or to the network settings on your computer. After that, OpenDNS is nearly as transparent as the unadorned DNS service you already use. The principal advantages of OpenDNS come from the large, distributed caches of domain names the service stores to improve speed, along with more intelligent systems for interpreting URLs in order to weed out typos and fend off phishing attacks. In addition to intelligence and performance improvements, OpenDNS also offers selective domain blocking and URL shortcuts.

What's a DNS? Domain name system


Comment: I read the PCMag review yesterday and frankly did not understand what this service was or how it could benefit me. Having time on my hands tonight, I signed up (it's free) and impleted on my NetGear router. It is very easy to sign up and set up. Suggest you give it a try. Deactivation is simple! I won't provide all the advantages of the service here - suggest you read the PCMag review, read the WIKI, and check out OpenDNS.

Here's some things I like about it:

  1. Shortcuts: EG WF converts to http:www.wellsfargo.com (custom setup)
  2. Filtering (at the network level): Eg. Adult content, etc.
  3. Statistics: Since I've only been using for 30 minutes, not much to view. But looks promising
  4. Dashboard: All options easy to utilize.

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