Giving up tangerines (Elizabeth Edwards' folly)

No tangerines for you!


The politics of global warming got very concrete, and oddly difficult, In a meeting with local environmentalists in the coastal town of McClellanville today, where Elizabeth Edwards raised in passing the importance of relying on locally-grown fruit.

"We've been moving back to 'buy local,'" Mrs. Edwards said, outlining a trade policy that "acknowledges the carbon footprint" of transporting fruit.

"I live in North Carolina. I'll probably never eat a tangerine again," she said, speaking of a time when the fruit is reaches the price that it "needs" to be.

Comment: Read the article and then read to comments. Note the phrase above - "reaches the price that it "needs" to be". What that means is that these global warming policemen want to raise our taxes! Watch out!

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