Flowers, limousine and one caught bank robber

Update on the unusual Maple Grove Bank robbery back in May

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Flowers, limousine and one caught bank robber


Daniel Steven Atchison, 25, of rural Princeton was arrested by the FBI this past week for bank robbery, using a scheme that involved flowers and a limousine.

Atchison was arrested June 26 by the FBI for allegedly robbing the Wells Fargo Bank in Maple Grove May 19 and for attempting to rob a bank in Edina June 20.

Atchison was released on his own personal recognizance after appearing in court last week to see if he should be held, according to the clerk of court at U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.

The FBI used cell phone records, surveillance and eyewitness accounts to name Atchison as the suspect.

Atchison, according to the criminal complaint, used an elaborate plot involving flowers and a limousine last month to rob the Wells Fargo Bank in Maple Grove. His attempt at robbing the Edina bank had a variation in that no flowers were sent but a package was.

Comment: I'm surprised that he was released! He'll see jail time in Stillwater!


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