Courageous Explorer or Crazy Daredevil?

Crazy Weekend Stunt

Dave McGuire comments on his blog.


  1. Roger received a promotion at work and now has 4 direct reports.
  2. I just received Titus: New Testament Commentary (Macarthur New Testament Commentary Series). I preached on Titus this past weekend, and I want to dig deeper into this book.
  3. We had a "town hall" (info time with execs) today. I normally skip these but felt I had to go. I met some folk face to face that I had only known over the phone. That was profitable.
  4. Vista testing. My HP Vista machine "lost" something in the graphics card and the Vista Aero no longer works! I installed and tested Netmeeting on Vista.
  5. Kathee worked late. I stopped by Subway (my kitchen away from home!). Kathee just arrived home via bus

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