I will not blog about work ... I will not blog about work ...

Firms wrestle with freedom of Web speech


An increasing number of companies are grappling with how to control or restrict what their workers say online about the company, competitors or the workplace environment, even in the privacy of their own living rooms.

Comment: My company (which by the way is a great company and a great place to work!) sent us the blogging policy this week!


  1. It is interesting how little organizations can control things like this now. It struck me just the other day as I was reading the Cedarville students comments on facebook and other places about recent happenings there. Reasons like that are why Pensacola CC limited their students access to the internet for a very long time.

    I would very much like to see what kind of policy companies are making about blogging...if you're able to share the details of that, I wouldn't mind seeing it. I'll send you an email.

  2. Tobin,

    Basically the company does not want anything confidential, use of the company logo, or anything negative blogged about the company.

    Makes sense to me.

    As to where I work (Wells Fargo), it is a great place to work. I am also a stock holder, and so I regard it as a good place to invest. And I am a customer. Our on-line banking is a great product.


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