How much would you have to be paid to pick lettuce?

U.S. workers will pick that lettuce -- for $1,000 a week


Consider the strawberry farmer in Oxnard, California, who told CNN that not once in 25 years of planting and harvesting had an American citizen ever asked for a job picking strawberries.

Immigration restrictionists claim that Americans would line up for even the dirtiest and most distasteful jobs if only wages were higher. How much higher? A reader told me that he'd gladly go pick lettuce around Salinas, California -- for $1,000 a week.

My view: We need immigrant labor. The recent "punt" by congress on immigration reform makes the current broken system our "de facto" immigration policy. We need secure borders, legal immigration, and a solution to the 12-20 M illegals in the country today. Nothing will happen until after the 2008 elections!

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