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Ubuntu-based Dell systems $50 cheaper than Windows


While it shouldn't exactly come as much of a surprise, a post on Dell's IdeaStorm site confirms that Dell systems pre-loaded with Ubuntu are, in fact, cheaper than comparably configured Windows-based systems -- about fifty bucks cheaper, to be precise. In the example given on the site, a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop loaded with Windows Vista Home Basic Edition totaled up to $824, while an otherwise comparable system with Ubuntu installed rang up at just $774.

Comment: I posted on this earlier. Looks like a good deal. Linux takes less resources than Vista so a 512 mb or 1 Gig system would be adequate. Also Linux would not need a n anti-virus program. Plus it comes bundled with Open Office. Linux is not quite as user-friendly as Windows but is fairly straightforward.

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  1. Ubuntu is surprisingly user friendly, though. I have it running on an old desktop, and have been very happy with it.


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