Logging on to an ancient computer

The Decsystem 20 was announced just before I resigned Digital Equipment Corportation to attend seminary (1978). I saw one at the announcement but never logged onto it (back then when computers were announced, they were just a big cabinet in front of drapes. Behind the drapes (and connected by cables) was the big prototype in racks! I understand that when IBM announced a certain small desk-sized computer (I forgot the model), that an IBM 1130 was behind the drapes running it!) or had an opporunity to sell one.

I found this site this week. Some hackers (using the word in a good sense (3) (like it use to be!)), resurrected an old DecSystem 20 and have Tops 20 up and running. The Twenex history site has the details.

Origins and Development of TOPS-20 explains the details.

Would you like to try it out? Create an account here. Use Telnet from your PC to logon! Looks like this:

Oh the good old days! I don't miss them!

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