Vista demo

Our Microsoft rep, Jeff, demo'd Vista to us yesterday. Pizza at 11:30 and the Vista presentation began (I was 8 min late and almost all the pizza was gone!)

What I saw and learned:

  1. Our company standard for Vista requires 2 Gig of real memory!
  2. Will require 2 Ghrz dual core processor
  3. For "Aero" features will require a 128 MB video card
  4. Jeff said that Vista was a lot of "eye candy" and it did look nice.
  5. There are all kinds of neat gadgets (clock, feeds, etc) that display on the desktop
  6. Office 2007 was also demo'd

My view: I am skeptical of Microsoft's operating systems and hope to be a late adopter. I know that Vista is in my future at the company. My own plan is to replace my personal laptop next year with a Mac with OS/X (built on Unix). I continue to utilize Suse Linux on a Pentium desktop for home use (email, HTML, FTP, finances (Moneydance))

The pizza was good ... Vista, I'm not ready for it yet!

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