Magic Typewriter Java Applet

Magic Typewriter Java Applet

Today I built a "News" page for my Release management website.

  1. I researched all Desktop Connection news articles that I have written (and have not kept track of). They are on our Enterprise Field Operations website
  2. I built a table in SQL Server: Headline, URL, News, Active_Flag, Ticker (plus a primary key called ID)
  3. Cold Fusion populates the Applet code programmatically from the SQL Server table. Only the ones that have an active_flag =1 AND Ticker =1 go to the applet
  4. Also on the same page, I have an archived list. All with an active_flag = 1 are displayed in a pull down form that brings up the news item in a new browser window.

  1. One more business line - Wire Transfer Operations signed on for the upgrade
  2. Another that put a hold on now go for 1400 workstations next Tuesday and Wednesday

The end of my day ... and a four day weekend ahead!

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