Thursday - Dinner with Pastor

Kathee and I met Pastor and Marie at the Macaroni Grill for dinner. Very nice. They came by the house for coffee and just left.

Work status: I have to get the current image upgrade out to 57,000 desktops by the end of October. This week I am at 19,000 or a little more than 30%.

Today I set up another 1500 to migrate to the new release. I used Cold Fusion and CFMAIL to send emails out to each. I added more personalization to the emails this time (in response to my mailing to weeks ago where people weren't sure if they should have received the email)

  1. I added a box with the person's user name
  2. with their system name (takes the form of DTCnnnxxxxnnn)
  3. with their version (eg. 2.20, 2.21, etc). I am upgrading folk to 2.23
  4. Also I upgraded my email message with additional content and a link to a 5 page PPT slide show. Also to my WFDC website with FAQs, tip of the day, and feedback forms.

I have an new email address just for this purpose. So I use this email for the sending (and that way my own email does not fill up)

The big push is on to get final groups on board. I have about 7-10 groups with large numbers of workstations that I have had little contact with. I'm guessing (will need to look tomorrow) that this represents 10,000 desktops.

Quiet at the house. Kathee reading the paper. Almost time for bed.

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