Tuesday ... back to work

What a great weekend we had!

Last night we had John (Principal of our church school), his wife Cheryl, and their daughter Meg by for dinner. Great fellowship. Brother (Roger) and his wife Kathy joined us for dessert.

Kathee made:
* steak
* greek salad
* corn on the cobb
* red potatoes
* fancy bread from Lund's
* brownies with vanilla ice cream and raspberries

Roger marinated and grilled the steaks. Plus cleaned up the table, served ice cream and cleaned up the kitchen. What a fine Son I have!

Today Roger ran 3.7 miles. He is working in prep for his USMC PFT this weekend. I think he is ready.

Back to reality today. Boss was gone all last week so I brought him up to date on all activity. Hectic week ahead.

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