19 years ago today

I broke my neck on Labor Day 1987. I was 38. It was a beautiful day in Colorado. I had done errands all around the house. The only two I remember were repairing shutters on the 2nd floor and repairing my fence gate.

That afternoon we were at friends' and I was on a trampoline. I was flipped off as I was getting off the trampoline and I landed on my head.

I broke my neck at C-4/C-5. I was paralyzed. I don't remember much else but this is what I remember from that day.

  1. I was on my face on the ground and one of the lenses from my glasses was over my mouth. I could not breath and I could not move
  2. Someone rolled me over onto my back. My arms and hands were frozen stiff in my last move to protect myself.
  3. I was "in and out". The reason why is that when the paramedics arrived my blood pressure was 60 over 0. I was blue and dying.
  4. Oxygen! Paramedics arrived. One talked to me.
  5. I prayed "into Thy hands I commend my spirit". I was ready to "go" and that that was it
  6. Ride to Swedish Hospital. Mostly fade to black but I remember part of the ride
  7. I woke up in a CAT scan tube and I moved my leg slightly. Someone said "don't move" ... fade to black

I woke up .. not sure when ... the next day I suppose. I was in intensive care. The next 6 days I have almost no memory of at all. I was heavily drugged.

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