Who minded the store?

So who minded the store while I missed work for 8 weeks:
  1. Paul, my dear neighbor from across the street, cleaned Mrs F.'s driveway and walks (I've been doing this for more than 10 years). I did it every now or then but most of the time Paul did it! This has been the 5th snowiest Winter in Minneapolis history, I think something like 88 inches of snow, so this was a giant help
  2. John W picked up the bulk of our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship / Sunday School) teaching while I was unable to teach. He continues to teach for now
  3. Work: My job really was super for me. I did not worry about work at all. One of my big projects was to push .net 3.5 SP1 to more than 100,000 workstations. I had done about 70,000. Another co-worker picked up this and we are now down to under 6,000. Another co-worked picked up our conversion from one remote access tool to another. I had pushed the new product out to all laptops but we had not removed the old product from all the workstations.

Employees have specific rights and protections under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. I really was not that familiar with FMLA but this comes into play when someone is out on short term disability.

Comment: Image source: Time Freeze Photos. About old general stores. I remember these well from my childhood. Back in the days of riding my bike, we had a couple of stores we frequented. One was on Neeb Road across from Our Lady of Victory church and school (Delhi OH). It was right at the crest of a hill. We would stop off here to pick up a Nehi Grape Soda

Another was at the corner of Mount Alverno Road and Pedretti Avenue. This was another stop for us as kids.


  1. My childhood home in Delhi Ohio. We moved there in 1960 (I think in the Spring). I lived here until I graduated from college in 1971. My parents sold this in about 1988. Behind the house was farmland (now developed). The wooded area to the Northwest that now has houses was all woods. It was a fun place to be a kid!

  2. Reading about the scale of projects at your employer vs. where I work...it boggles my mind. I've always worked in smaller IT shops. We're in the middle of an anti-virus update for around 650 machines and it's been a pain.

    How long was your service pack install slated to take overall?

  3. We worked for over 6 months getting .net out

    Our upgrade of XP to XP SP3 took a year.


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