Preparing to Return to Work

I am preparing to return to work on Wednesday. I've been on Vanco for three weeks! Two weeks at 4 times a day ... 1 week at 3 times a day ... 77 total. Starting tomorrow I am on Vanco twice a day for a week. Vanco regimen continues into mid April. Tomorrow I go back to see Dr Suntharam. I am putting together my "talking points" and questions.

I don't feel healed. That's a concern. Not giving TMI, but I know what normal is and I am far from normal with regards to "down there".

Liberty Mutual and Wells Fargo have been very accommodating and I really appreciate that. Since I am past the acute phase (which trust me is really horrible), my short term disability ends after tomorrow.

My go forward plan is to continue to be aggressive about pursuing a solution. Sadly C-Diff is a really tough bacteria to beat. This article details some of the resistant issues: Recurrent Clostridium Difficile.

My hope, prayer and aim is to get to the point that I would be able to take a plane ride or long drive (like I really want to visit my Mother for her 91st birthday on May 9th). As it is now, my life is kind of tethered to being close to home. Return to work will be working from home. We have good internet connectivity and I have a company cell phone, but I really prefer to be at my office!


  1. I looked at my last Back to work post. Then I had missed a total of 17 days of work. This last time has been (or will have been after tomorrow) 23 days. That's 40 days (8 weeks) of missed work since the first of the year.

  2. I pray that your second return to work will be successful! It's frustrating to miss work, and I can't imagine dealing with what you've had to go through.


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