On waiting for God "to speak"

Why Is That Christian Dressed Up Like a Psychic?


If you believe that God speaks through how you feel, the only argument you have is that you feel God speaks through how you feel. This is an argument from silence, a logical fallacy; and since no one can feel your feelings, you have no accountability. It’s extremely dangerous!


No Christian prays about every single decision they make on earth, and they definitely don’t wait for God to speak to them before they make all the decisions they must make in a given day. They instead only pray about what they deem are “big decisions.” The problem is that if God has given you enough Scripture and wisdom to make “small” decisions, then He has given you enough revelation and wisdom to make big decisions as well.


Knowledge comes before feelings and emotions. Whenever you are saved, you repent because you know that you have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Feelings of sorrow often accompany such knowledge; however, the knowledge comes first. We must assume as well then that if God is going to speak to us beyond the Bible (which He doesn’t), that He’s going to get to our hearts through our heads.

Comment: I frankly am sicked by Christians who use phraseology like "God told me to" or "I am waiting for God to tell me what to do". The article is very good!

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