Ma Bell is Back

A Tangled Family Tree: How AT & T Became AT & T


In 1982, AT&T agreed to break up and end its monopoly over the country’s telecommunications business to settle an antitrust suit with the U.S. government, with the division taking effect in 1984.

In the 27 years since, Southwestern Bell, one of the seven “Baby Bells” created by the breakup, has embarked on an acquisition spree that has left the U.S. telecom industry with just a handful of major players.

Comment: Very cool graphic associated with the article. My Father started with Bell back before WWII. After he was drafted he was in the Army for the duration. Upon returning he got his old job back with years of service in the Army credited for his job. He retired in (not real sure about this) 1983 or 1984. He had more than 40 years of service with the company. My Mother still lives on Dad's pension (Dad died in '99).

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  1. My Dad was born 92 years ago today.

    I have mentioned him several times in my blog:

    Thoughts on my Father's Birthday

    Alvah Peet


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