Twinkies Madness

Mara Schiavocampo: I bought a 'lifetime supply' of Twinkies

In just a few days, a box of 100 Twinkies will arrive at my house. Given that I eat one Twinkie — maybe two — each year, these should last at least 50 years. That's the point. I'm stocking up on a lifetime supply of Twinkies.
Comment: Head over to Ebay and do a search. I mean these people are nuts! Kathee heading out to the grocery store (our local Lunds) ... I asked to visually scan for Twinkies and other Hostess Brands. Looking over this list I don't think we buy any of them ... perhaps Butternut bread at times. Kathee (I think she is lying!) said she has never eaten a Twinkie! (so a lifetime supply for Kathee would be an eternity!)


  1. Kathee did not find Twinkies at Lunds today

  2. More on Ebay selling:

    John Stansel of Tampa, Fla. blanches at the thought of eating a Twinkie. He's a self-described health nut.

    Yet he, too, rummaged shelves late Friday at a neighborhood Walgreens and then again early Saturday at Target and a grocery store. He spent about $100 for 20 boxes of Twinkies and Ding Dongs. His goal: sell them for about $1,000 and put the money to good use.

    "Maybe I will hire a personal trainer for myself or go do some shopping at Whole Foods or donate the money to a charity to fight diabetes," Stansel, 40, said. "No matter what, I figure I am getting sugar off the streets."


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