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World's Most Highly Anticipated LED Light Bulb Hits Retail Market This Month

In a move that marks a major milestone in the nation's transition to energy-efficient lighting, SWITCH Lighting ™, the maker of the first true LED replacement for the incandescent light bulb, announced today that its award-winning, highly-anticipated LED light bulbs are now available at over 350 participating Batteries Plus stores nationwide.

The SWITCH60, a 60 watt-equivalent A-type LED bulb, is currently available for purchase while the SWITCH40 and SWITCH75, 40 watt-equivalent and 75 watt-equivalent LED bulbs, will be available at participating Batteries Plus stores beginning in November.
Comment: I've got to try one of these. Available at Batteries Plus.


  1. Interesting. I'm a bit disappointed with the announced life of the bulb though, only "up to 25,000 hours."

    And as I type that complaint, I'm thinking this through: I have regular incandescents that were in this house when we moved in almost 2.5 years ago and are still going. If 25,000 hours is approximately 25 times the average incandescent life as the article states...not bad. I could probably live with that. :)

  2. I bought one today and installed it in the lamp by my chair in the living room (11/17/2012)


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