"All In": "embedded" and other "double meanings"

'Broadwell Embedded With the General': Double Meanings on Amazon.com

All In: The Education of General David Petraeus

Comment: The list

  • "Broadwell embedded with the general"
  • "[an] insider's account"
  • "Broadwell simultaneously provides an intimate look at Petraeus the man"
  • "Broadwell captures his basic tenets of counterinsurgency and basic approach to leadership-as well as Petraeus's personal qualities and character"
  • "Paula Broadwell takes readers into the briefing rooms"
  • "It is fascinating and insightful, informed by remarkable access to the man both on and off the battlefield."
  • "It is written with an insider's lively understanding of the workings of today's Army. I've known David Petraeus since he was a colonel and written two books in which he appeared, but I still learned a lot about him from this book. All In feels at times like we are sitting at his side in Afghanistan, reading his e-mails over his shoulder."


  1. Sex Trumps Economics: Will Petraeus Scandal Scuttle a Fiscal Cliff Deal?

    The resignation of David Petraeus has all the elements of a classic Washington scandal: it reached the highest levels of government, involved leaks of classified information and inter-agency intrigue, raised the "who knew what, and when did they know it?" questions and, of course, centered on sex.

    As a result, the Petraeus scandal could potentially scuttle — or delay — a deal on the fiscal cliff, which is a hugely important economic issue but isn't nearly as sexy, literally and figuratively.

    The conventional wisdom today is that the Petraeus scandal and the fiscal cliff are separate issues and never the twain shall meet. But given the incredibly partisan nature of Washington, D.C., it's not so unthinkable that both parties could get bogged down in the Petraeus hearings to the detriment of the fiscal cliff negotiations.

    My solution for Washington: 1.) Create a new DC in the Northern prairie of North Dakota; 2.) Congress is in session for 3 months: December, January, and February; 3.) All congressmen must submit to the procedure to make them eunuchs. That would take all the sex, power and glory out of congress

  2. Jim, I was thinking, judging by the lack of...um..."guts" shown by most Congressmen, that they already WERE eunuchs!

    Oh, you meant PHYSICALLY, not morally. Got it. :^)


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