John Stumpf on housing crisis

Wells Fargo CEO: Why Americans are saving so much

There are about 70 million homes in America. Fifty million have a mortgage on them. The average mortgage is $200,000, so you've got about a $10 trillion market. Today about 20% of those mortgages are underwater -- they owe more than what the home is worth. But we're starting to see values come back. I don't know that we'll ever be where we were or should be where we were in the last six, seven, eight years when it was just trading up. But housing is still, for two-thirds of Americans, the American dream. It's not for everyone to own a home. But I'm bullish on housing. I'm bullish on Americans' desire to own homes. It will be slow, but it's healing almost everywhere.
Comment: From December 3rd Forbes.

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