Arcane union rules tanked Hostess

Harder to Digest than Twinkies

  • No truck could carry both bread and snacks even when going to the same location
  • Drivers were not permitted to load their own trucks
  • Workers who loaded bread were not allowed to also load snacks
  • Bringing products from back rooms to shelves required another set of union employees
  • Multi-Employer pension obligations made Hostess liable for other, previously bankrupted, retirement plan contributions from employees that never worked for Hostess at all
Comment: Full article has much more


  1. Harder to digest than Twinkies? Now that's saying something! :^)

  2. thewe had to be rules made by the teamsters truck drivers union. the bakers union had nothing to do with it. i worked in the shipping department in one of the plants and bread was put in with cake ever since i worked for them the last 16 years.the pension plan was with dolly madison before the continental bakeries aquisition and it worked then. the hostess brands bad management and greed wrecked the the companies ability to keep the pension going.

  3. George Will has some interesting comments: The death of Twinkies . . . :

    Whatever else a hospital ought to do, supposedly said Florence Nightingale, it ought not to spread disease. And whatever else unions should do, they should not put employers out of business.


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