GLD: The Gold ETF

Under the Hood: How GLD Works

The SPDR Gold Trust (NYSEARCA:GLD) is by far the largest and most popular commodity ETF in the world. The physically-backed gold fund has more than $74 billion in total assets and sees more than eight million shares trade on a daily basis. Not only is it the most popular commodity ETF, but it is also the second largest ETF in the world, and even briefly held the first place slot in 2011. But for all of the recognition and press this fund gets, few actually know how the fund holds its physical gold, which may be some of the reasons that controversy has emerged surrounding this product.
Comment: GLD on Yahoo Finance. Pays no dividend. (I don't have any but find the concept intriguing. Article explains how it all works. Below charts illustrate how GLD tracks the price of gold.

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