The phantom peace dividend

Obama and the phantom peace dividend

President Barack Obama laid claim to a peace dividend that doesn't exist when he told the nation he wants to use money saved by ending wars to build highways, schools and bridges. The wars were largely financed by borrowing, so there is no ready pile of cash to be diverted to anything else.
Comment: A wife returning from shopping:

Husband: How much money did you spend?

Wife: I saved $ 200 on this purse.

Husband: How much was the purse?

Wife: Only $ 300

Husband: Honey that wasn't in our budget this month

Wife: It's ok. Remember last month I saved $ 200 on my new dress. (it happened to cost $ 300)

Husband: But that wasn't in our budget

Wife: Well, I'm not going to buy a $ 300 dress this month

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