The Myth of "Saving the ENTIRE Auto Industry"

 George Will: Liberalism, as we know it


Obama’s supposed rescue of “the auto industry” — note the definite article, “the” — is a pedal on the political organ he pumps energetically in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere.

Concerning which: He intervened to succor one of two of the U.S. auto industries. One, located in the South and elsewhere, does not have a long history of subservience to the United Auto Workers and for that reason has not needed Obama’s ministrations. He showered public money on two of three parts of the mostly Northern auto industry, the one long entangled with the UAW. He socialized the losses of GM and Chrysler. Ford was not a mendicant because it was not mismanaged.
Comment: Just to set the record straight

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  1. When Ford was in the doldrums, I risked some cash and bought some stock.

    When GM was "bailed out", my 92 year old mother who had several hundred shares of GM lost it all.


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